About Us

The Face Behind Dearest Lips

Hello! I’m Glaiza, the founder and maker behind Dearest Lips. I’m a wife and mother of three, based in Western-Sydney Australia – where all the lip balm making fun happens.

I began running Dearest Lips in 2018 to share my love of lip balms and desire for a sustainable future with others. My core focus from day one is to be a plastic-free, zero waste brand. Throughout the years, although we’ve had many changes, our core focus has remained strong.

When I first started, I used recyclable metal tins. Whilst this was a great sustainable option, I received many requests for lip balm tubes, as a more practical and hygienic option. Although plastic tubes were a much more inexpensive option, knowing that billions end up in landfill each year meant it was a no-go.

Instead, I introduced cardboard tubes which looked just like the plastic ones, but made from compostable material. Whilst this option didn’t stray from our core focus, I needed to take it one step further. Since our product is all-natural which makes it temperamental with the changing weather conditions, I had to brainstorm ideas for a better suited packaging material to avoid the balm from seeping through on hot summer days. The catch was, it still needed to be plastic-free, made in Australia, and sustainable.

That’s when ‘cork’ moved to the top of my list. For a very, very long time, I had always wanted to incorporate cork into our packaging – it’s such a simple, yet highly earth-friendly option. Did you know that once the cork is harvested from the tree, the bark regenerates so it can continue to produce cork for many years, without the tree ever being cut down… How amazing is nature! 

However, the search to have the packaging made from cork wasn’t easy. In fact, it took several years. Finally, in 2022, we partnered with a local Australian business to produce our exclusive range of lip products made with cork. We tested the new packaging for many months until we were 100% satisfied with it. And now here we are 🙂

Every single lip balm is handmade by myself, with so much love and care. I’m the maker, marketer, customer service, product photographer, social media updater, website developer (with the help of my husband!), and production worker behind it all. And yet, all these hats bring me so much joy. I’m incredibly humbled to be able to share my formulated range with you; together we can reduce plastic waste, one cork lip balm at a time.

What Sets Us Apart?

Dearest Lips has a strong focus on being a plastic-free, zero waste and sustainable business. Our goal is to have more and more people switch to using our compostable, non-toxic lip balm, instead of the billions of plastic tubes that end up in landfill or our beautiful oceans each year.

Natural – We formulate our products using simple ingredients in their natural, unrefined form. They do not contain any toxic or harmful chemicals and are free from artificial preservatives and synthetic fragrances.

Vegan – We do not use any animal ingredients or by-products. We only test our products on willing family and friends, never on animals.

Eco-friendly – Our unique cork packaging is 100% compostable and can be thrown into your home compost bin once empty.

Giving Back To The Local Community

Supporting a not-for-profit charity is something we are passionate about and believe that giving back to the local community can leave a positive lasting impact. We happily donate monthly to Carevan Blacktown.

Carevan Blacktown is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers, providing a weekly meal service in a local setting and engaging the care and generosity of the community, passing this on to those most in need.

Our donations go towards eco-friendly utensils for the amazing team to use when serving meals. Funds raised also helps keep their initiative alive through other means such as petrol, food, bills etc. required to run the charity.

Dearest Lips Awards

Naturally Good Awards Finalist 2022 (winner to be announced in June)

Local Business Awards Finalist 2021

Small Business Champion Awards Finalist – Environmental Business 202

Australian Non-Toxic Awards GOLD Winner (ANTA) 2020, Lip Balm category.

AusMumpreneur Awards Finalist 2020, Handmade Business.

AusMumpreneur Awards Finalist 2020 People’s Choice – Best Product.