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Homemade Non-Toxic Herbal Kids Paint

It can be easy to buy a set of paints at the shops, but it’s a much more rewarding and exciting experience to mix and create the colours yourself, using absolutely non-toxic, simple ingredients. This is such a fun and easy activity to do with the kids – they’ll absolutely love it!

What you will need:

  1. Powdered herbs in your choice of colours – 2 tbs
  2. Clay (preferably kaolin/white cosmetic clay) – 2 tbs
  3. Water – 4 tbs

For this example, we’ve used beetroot powder as our colour of choice and pink french clay as it’s quite light, and we already had some handy. Kaolin clay is still preferred, as it won’t change the colour of your paints. It’s also an affordable option.

We’ve also opted for water as the liquid base, to produce more of a water colour type paint. You can substitute this for egg whites or glycerin. Water of course, is the easiest to source.

When choosing powdered herbs, go for ones that are coloured, such as the following:

  • Turmeric – orange
  • Spirulina – dark green
  • Beetroot – red
  • Activated charcoal – black
  • Arrowroot – white
  • Annatto – red/orange
  • Hibiscus – purple

Using herbs means you don’t have to worry about having any toxic pigments in your paint that can be harmful to kids.


  1. Gather all your ingredients.
  2. Mix your powdered herb with the clay.
  3. Add in a small amount of water, about 1 tsp at a time, and stir. If your paint is too thick, just add more water. If it’s too thin, add more herbs and clay.
  4. Once thoroughly mixed, your paint is ready for use! Super quick and easy.
  5. Pour any leftover paint into a sealed jar. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 week (if using water as the liquid), since water grows bacteria.

Here are some photos from our paint making session! The way arts and crafts should be 😀

Gather your ingredients.
Mix the powdered herb with the clay.
Add some water at room temperature.
Stir away!
Add water or more powder/clay until you get the paint consistency you want.
Pour the mixture into a glass jar so it can be stored in the refrigerator after use. Grab a paint brush (or use your hands!) and start painting away. The girls are painting some clay models they made.
Let it dry. End result – your very own masterpiece!

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Hiking With Kids

Four years ago, it would be as simple as choosing a hiking location, packing our bags, and then wandering off into the wilderness. It was a weekend routine that just fell into place so easily. Fast forward time to the present day, and it definitely takes more than just that with two young kids in tow.

Exploring the outdoors shouldn’t be limited by your age. It’s a time to be in touch with mother nature, an experience to bond as a family, and a way to breathe in the fresh air and breathe out all your worries. What’s not to love?

Here are a few tips to make a family hiking adventure a FUN experience for everyone!

Pick your location and distance

  • Check that the track you choose is suitable for all ages, not just for an experienced hiker.
  • Check what time of the year the track is suited to. Some tracks are best to be avoided during the summer period as they have limited shaded areas, whereas others are perfectly fine.
  • Check what the track entails. Some tracks have hundreds of steep steps to climb up and down, so it may not be the best choice if you’re going with kids. Others may have way too many descending and ascending slopes, or streams that need to be crossed. Best to stick to simple tracks first!
  • Always check that there is an actual track too, as there are locations that require you to self-navigate.
  • How long is the track in kilometres? Think of your own abilities, as well as your kids’ and ask yourself, is the track’s distance too long? If it’s your first hike with a child, start off with a super short track, and you can gauge from there whether they can do a longer hike next time.
  • Double the time it would normally take you to do a hike as kids tend to need longer breaks in between, especially if you’ve got little feet wanting to walk parts of the hike instead of being in a carrier. Always overestimate the time to complete the track.

Get the kids involved

  • Yes! Get them excited about hiking. This means getting them involved in the planning stages too. Show them potential hiking spots and ask them for their feedback; do you like the look of this track? Would you prefer to see waterfalls or native flowers? What snacks do you want to bring? etc.
  • When you’re hiking, get them involved there too. Ask them to check where you are on the map, how far along the track you are, which turns to make to get to a lookout/attraction etc.
  • Kids love to be involved. Let them be a part of the entire experience.

Look at the world through their eyes

  • As adults, it’s so easy to forget how differently kids view their surroundings. Get down to their eye level and see what they see and be excited about it! Point at interesting plants and trees, look into the distance with them, look at the creepy crawly that just passed their little hiking boots, be amazed at what grabs their attention.
  • Kids love excitement. Help them see what you see too. Lift them up and show them a view from above.
  • Show them that they are surrounded by the beauty of nature.

If you’ve been hiking with kids before, your tips and experiences are most welcome to be shared! If you haven’t yet, it’s definitely something to add to your to do list – you won’t regret it 😊