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2-Step Natural Lip Treatment

It’s that time of the year again when our precious lips need a little extra bit of T.L.C. It’s so important to have a good lip care routine in place, especially during winter when our lips are exposed to harsher elements.

Thankfully, we’ve formulated a simple 2-step lip treatment to keep your lips feeling fresh and hydrated. More importantly, the formula is gentle without any hidden nasties. Along with coconut sugar, another key ingredient we use is jojoba beads. Don’t get these mistaken with microbeads, which are tiny balls made from plastic. Jojoba beads are also tiny balls, however they are made from hydrogenated jojoba oil, which makes it a natural exfoliant safe for your lips.

White jojoba beads: a plastic-free alternative to microbeads. Gentle on your lips, and not harmful to the environment.

To begin the 2-step lip treatment, make sure your lips are clean and dry. Then, scoop a small amount of our Toasted Coconut Lip Exfoliant to scrub and buff away dry, flaky skin. Once rinsed, finish the treatment by applying our highly moisturising Overnight Lip Rescue Balm or one of our vegan lip balms. Together, your lips will feel renewed, smooth, and hydrated.

It’s such a quick and easy way to look after your lips, and you only need to do it 1-2 times weekly, either before bed, or in the morning.

You can find the Lip Care Duo here 🙂

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