Frequently Asked Questions

How much is postage & when can I expect to receive my order?

We happily deliver Australia-wide!

Free Standard Shipping: Applies on all orders above $50.00. Please allow 2-10 business days for delivery from date of posting.

Standard Flat Rate: $8.95 – Please allow 2-10 business days for delivery from date of posting.

Express: $12.00 – Next business day delivery from date of posting.

Please note that it may take longer for WA based customers to receive their order (as we are located in NSW), remote locations, or if there are any public holidays.

We recommend selecting express shipping in summer or when the weather is extremely hot, to reduce the length of time the lip products are held in transit for.

Due to COVID-19, there are delays with Express mail, however they are still a priority over standard mail. Please allow extra delivery time across all postal services.

Which Postal Service do you use?

We use Australia Post as they are 100% carbon neutral delivery. Each order is tracked with a unique tracking number which you can track online.

You will receive a separate tracking email from the Australia Post once your order has been processed and marked as completed.

Help! My order hasn’t arrived.

If you haven’t received your order and it has been more than 15 business days since dispatch please notify us and we will contact the Australia Post to launch an investigation.

If you have selected the no tracking postage option, unfortunately there is no way for us to investigate what has happened. In this instance, please contact us if your item hasn’t arrived after 20 business days.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 there are delays across all postal services. Please allow extra delivery time.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we currently only ship our products within Australia. However, you can purchase via our stockists or as they both ship internationally. Please note that they may not always have our entire range in stock. Please browse through their website to see what flavours and tints they have in stock.

Do you do any product testing on animals?

All our ingredients, product materials, and packaging materials, contain no animal products or by-products and have not been tested on animals. We do all our testing on willing family and friends.

Are your products palm oil free?

Yes! We are 100% palm oil free and believe there is no need to include an ingredient that is costly to the lives and habitats of wildlife.

Are your products 100% vegan?

Yes! Every single item listed on our website is vegan and cruelty-free. We even use plant-based ink for the labels.

When do your lip products expire?

It is recommended that you use our lip products within 12 months of purchasing it. For longevity, avoid contact with water and always close the lid straight after use.

What should I do with my empty packaging?

The great thing about our packaging is that they can be thrown into your home compost bin once empty! If you don’t have a compost bin, you can search online for other people around your area who are willing to share theirs. ShareWaste is a reliable source to begin your search. Alternatively you can bury the packaging in any soil or recycle it. It will then take 3-4 months to break down.

What does ‘Home Compostable’ mean?

When a product is home compostable, it simply means it can be added to your home compost bin and it will decompose into organic matter. There are industrial facilities specifically for non-home compostable packaging, where they treat the packaging with high temperatures to encourage the breaking down process. We understand that finding an industrial facility isn’t easy as there are very few in Australia, so we’ve ensured our tubes can be safely composted from home instead.

Will my lip balm melt through the cardboard packaging?

Our cardboard packaging has an oil resistant lining as a barrier to help avoid the balm from melting through. However the more you use the balm, the more the oil will seep through from the top of the tube. This is completely normal and will not affect the quality of the balm itself.

Will my lip balm melt in summer?

We use organic, unrefined ingredients to sustain all their nutrients. We don’t add harmful chemicals and stabilisers which are often used in commercial lip balms to stop the balms from melting. To prevent your lip balm from melting, always store it in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.  Avoid keeping them in your pocket or the car if the weather is hot. If it does melt, put it in the fridge for a few minutes until it hardens back up. In winter it will be a harder, more solid balm so you may need to warm it up in the palm of your hands before use.

Why does my lip balm change in texture and colour?

Don’t worry if you’ve noticed your lip balm changing in colour or texture. There are a few reasons for that.

1. We use organic butters and oils to sustain all their nutrients and don’t add any synthetic stabilisers. Because of this, the consistency and colour of the balm may change slightly, depending on the weather. Because the butters are unrefined, they often react to temperature changes. It can cause them to melt and harden back up but sometimes if they don’t solidify quick enough you’ll be left with a grainy or patchy top layer. Don’t worry, it’ll melt easily once you apply it to your lips.

2. We use organic coconut oil to also sustain all its nutrients. Unlike many other carrier oils, coconut oil solidifies in the cold and becomes liquid when heated. When the oil sets, it does so at different speeds due to its fatty but healthy content. This is why you may have small white flecks on the top layer of your balm. It’ll melt just as easily once applied to your lips .

Because we can’t control the weather conditions when your balms are posted to you, temperature changes may affect its appearance. It’s simply cosmetic and won’t affect the quality of the balm at all; it’s just nature doing its thing and is still perfectly safe to use.

Do you issue refunds?

We do our best to deliver quality, handmade lip products. In the rare event that the items arrive to you with issues / damages, please contact us so we can find the best solution to rectify your concerns. We do not offer refunds for change of mind.

Do you offer wholesale?

We sure do! Please message us via our contact us page for more information. We currently only offer wholesales so if you are interested in a drop shipping method, we cannot offer our items at this stage.