Aromatherapy Lavender Eye Pillow (Recycled Cotton)

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Handmade in Australia by Butterfly and Bloom. Recycled cotton cover filled with organic flaxseed and organic lavender for sleep and meditation support.

Eye pillows can be used as healing tools. Research shows that light pressure applied on the eyes, can lower the heart rate. The science behind it is the oculocardiac reflex – google it, it is so cool!

One of the nerves that originates in our brain is called the vagus nerve. It travels down the back of the neck, into the chest and heart and into the abdomen. By using an eye pillow, the pressure on the eyes stimulates this reflex and nerve. The digestive tract, our mood, heart and our rest-digest system all react by slowing down.

Additionally, the balanced light weight of the eye pillow cuts out visual stimulus. The lack of light sends a message to your brain that it is time to be still. And signals the rest of the body permission to relax.

For best practice, combine this with deep breathing to help reduce stress and calm the mind. In such a busy world, allowing yourself to be still can help to bring a deep feeling of calm. This is instinctively needed for personal growth and happiness.

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