Mini Heat Pack


Soothe aches and pains and keep cosy with this 100% natural heat pack, handmade with love in Melbourne,by SunBee.

Filled with Australian grown lupins, these heat packs are reusable, eco-friendly and non-toxic. They make cute and thoughtful gifts that your friends and family will love! Each mini heat pack is 17cm x 11cm in size, the perfect size for soothing any stomach cramps.

Benefits include:

  • SunBee heat packs will stay hotter for longer because lupins retain heat longer than wheat or rice!
  • They are 30% lighter than traditional heat packs.
  • They are made to last! Lupin heat packs have a long lifespan because they won’t sweat when heated and don’t develop a cooked or burnt smell over time.

The lavender scented option is infused with dried lavender flowers which not only smells great but also has many health and relaxation benefits.


  • Microwave for 60 seconds.
  • Carefully remove from microwave and shake around to disperse the heat evenly.
  • If not hot enough, microwave in 20 second intervals to achieve the desired temperature.
  • For use as a Cool Pack, place it in an air tight bag and store in the freezer.

This is a guide only and heating times may need to be adjusted based on your microwave wattage

CAUTION: please take care when using and heating your heat pack. DO NOT OVERHEAT. Do not leave unattended when microwaving. May cause burns if overheated.

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Heat Pack Scent

Unscented, Lavender Scent

Heat Pack Print

Daisies, Rainbows, Floral, Sausage Dog, Watermelon


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